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60+Master’s Wrestlers~  MASTER'S WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019, Warsaw, Poland

Update 8-13-2019

In addition to the other tournament information below

some FAQ

SEPTEMBER 25th is the due date for ALL registrations!


Greetings  from Stanisław Kamiński

The Polish Wrestling Association and the organizer of the F and G World Championships will do everything to make the participants of the championships feel at home in Poland. Because:

1. Registration for the F and G World Championships and Polish Championships - Name and surname - year of birth and weight category and Country. Should be sent by 25.09.2019 to the e-mail address: tadeusz.zalewski@o2.pl. In the application you must indicate whether you buy the Hotel package and meals if you don't do it, you'll have to organize it yourself.

2. Medical certificate with tests 1 month before the competition you show during weight control and medical control.

3. The payment of the starting and Polish competitor license may be made after arriving in Poland before official weighing.

Best regards, Stanisław Kamiński Weight and medical control will be at the HIT Hotel on Klopotowskiego Street in Warsaw where players who will make a reservation and registration until 25.09.2019 will be accommodated.

Information below UPDATED 6-17-2019


Championships. DATE CHANGE!

PLEASE NOTE OTHER CHANGES - Age limit is now 75, medical information is included, etc.

This is the official message of the World Championships veterans of Divisions F and G For organizational reasons we had to accelerate the organization of the Championships by one week. We are sorry for the complication.

Stanislaw Kaminski.

Organizing a tournament for the veterans world championship

F and g division in free and classic wrestling

1 Organizers: Polish Veterans Wrestling Federation

Uks,, healthy targówek ''

UL. Helena Junkiewicz 8, 03-543 Warsaw

2. th place of the competition: the championship will be held on 18-20.10.2019 in the Sports Hall Warsaw-Targówek 05-077 ul. Ossowski 25

3. Goal of the event: the of the best players in the world who have completed 60 years and have not exceeded 75

Enabling older players who feel still capable of fighting further sports competition and confronting the best wrestlers in the world in this age group.

4. Conditions of participation: the right of launch has competitors of all nationalities who have completed 60 years and have not exceeded 75 years

Division F 1958, 1957, 1956, 1955, 1954.

Division G 1953, 1952, 1951, 1950, 1949 +

Weight Categories: 55-62, 70, 88, 100, 130 kg.

All players must have an current medical examination allowing to participate in the fights fights signed by the general practitioner and a cardiologist specialist exposed in his country no later than 30 days before the competition.

All players must buy the license of polish relationship relationship in place before competition cost license 25 $

5. Applications should be directed until 25.09.2019

Tadeusz Zalewski, email: Tadeusz.Zalewski@O2.Pl, Tel.: + 48 602 284 397

Launch costs equivalent to $ 100 paid to bank account

Ingbplpw 38 1050 1054 1000 9297 7309

6. The Organizer provides all notified participants of the championship full board and accommodation in hotel rooms 2-3 personal.

18.10.2019 dinner, dinner, accommodation.

19.10.2019 breakfast, dinner, dinner, accommodation.

20.10.2019 breakfast, dinner, celebratory banquet, accommodation

21.10.2019 breakfast

Total cost for 3 full days board and accommodation equivalent $ 180 paid on account bank ingbplpw 38 1050 1054 1000 0022 9297 7309

There is a possibility to extend your stay after prior agreement with the

6. Prizes: players who will get 1, 2 AND 3 places will receive medals of the world cup

All participants will receive commemorative diplomas of participation.

Championship Program:

18.10.2019 Friday from 12.00 arrival of the players.

From 14.00 accreditation of players

18.00 weight and medical control gr and fs

Address: Hotel "hit" ul. Kłopotowskiego 33, 03-720 Warsaw

19.10.2019 Saturday 10.00-13.00 classic style - fight fights

16.00 grand opening of the final fight championship decoration winners classic style.

20.10.2019 Sunday 10.00-13.00 free style - fight fights

15.00 final fights - decoration winners free-end of the championship

19.00 solemn banquet.

21.10.2019 participants trip.

President of Polish Veterans Wrestling Organizer

Andrzej vronsky tadeusz zalewski

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2019 Master's World Championships, Warsaw, Poland.
Division F -ages 61 -65 and Division G ages 66+   No age limit

2019 Polish Championships for Veteran's
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ALL countries welcome at ALL of these events!

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